Picks and Flicks: Golden Globes Edition

This year's Golden Globes were lackluster to say the least, but there were a few shining moments.

I cringe every time...

Here are my Picks!

Kate Winslet's surprised face. She really is the greatest.

Jonah Hill being high as hell while presenting with Channing Tatum.

Aziz Ansari's being the cutest human. If you haven't watched Aziz's Netflix series Master of None yet you need to immediately!

America Ferrara and Eva Longoria speaking the truth.

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg making me laugh more than I ever expected.

Jen and Amy: America's favorite BFFs.

Jen winning Best Actress in a Comedy.

Oscar Isaac winning (and being on stage) is all I ever needed from the night.

Brie Larson: Queen.

Hit me with your favorite moments in the comments!



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