Oh, House of Cards. How I love thee!

I was recommended House of Cards countless times by friends, family, the internet. Everyone got obsessed with the show quickly and it became synonymous with Netflix's Original Series' success, but the political setting of the show put me off. I'm definitely not informed or particularly interested in anything to do with politics. I feel like this is a show you definitely have to be in the mood for, as well, which wasn't putting it high on my binge-watching list. But then I finally gave the series a real shot and I knew by the end of the first episode that I've been crazy not to watch it sooner.

Frank Underwood is the most polite-to-your-face maniac I've ever seen. Played hauntingly by the remarkable Kevin Spacey, Frank weaves himself in and out of impossible scenarios with eery ease, while always keeping his end game in reach. Frank's keen strategy and manipulation skills are so unpredictable that I found myself thinking at various points throughout the series' first three seasons, 'how am I this tense over a political drama when I don't even like politics?' It's actually the same approach I had with Breaking Bad. I thought that the concept wasn't for me, until I gave it a chance and became obsessed.

I love how the show has evolved over the seasons as Frank's moved up in the ranks. Pretty much everything on House of Cards revolves around or is at least influenced by the decisions that Frank makes. Each startling move that he makes takes the show in completely unexpected and brilliant places. I feel like the insanity of the moves Frank pursues are sometimes so insane, completely unlike what you think any sane person would do, and then he does them and my mind is repeatedly blown.

The acting is so top notch across the board (hello, the sublime Robin Wright and underrated Kate Mara!), but there's one supporting character that takes top-billing for me: Doug Stamper. Played by the immensely understated Michael Kelly, Doug's overarching character progression throughout the three seasons is remarkable. By the time you finish season three you won't look at him an ounce of the same way you did in the first season. I cannot wait to see where Doug's journey takes him next, because clearly he's learned a thing or two from Frank over the years.

Lastly, the cinematography and direction of the series is so consistent, but brilliantly stunning. From Frank's candid talks with the camera to the subtle but alluring camera tricks (that I don't want to spoil for you all!), it's a beautiful series to watch. So go binge-watch it! Yes, I am another person telling you that you want regret it, but remember I was in your shoes once and, trust me, you'll want to be in mine now.

Have you caught House of Cards yet or are you still unsure about it? Let's talk in the comments!


P.S. Writing this piece while Frank Underwood was glaring at me was seriously messing with my head. Even in a still he looks like he's plotting my takedown!
Happy Sunday!

Ready for the Fall TV season to kick into high gear? Check out my Pilot Watch post featuring Scream Queens, Minority Report, and Limitless.

Let's get to this week's Picks and Flicks!

Rudimental - Lay It All On Me ft. Ed Sheeran (YouTube): This song is fantastic and so uplifting. I could listen to it all day (and I do).

The Worst Types of Roommates (Whine About It): I have experienced nearly every single one of these firsthand and Matt's right: it is THE WORST.

Take a Break: Chateau Marmutt (The Late Late Show)

 Just when I thought I couldn't love James Corden more he goes and does this.

Watch Ryan Reynolds try to build an IKEA crib (GQ): Ryan Reynolds is quickly becoming one of my favorites. First The Proposal now this. Warn a girl!

Disclosure - Magnets featuring Lorde (YouTube): Like all of Lorde's songs I'm mesmerized and I can't quite pinpoint why and I'm okay with that.

Celebs Explain Netflix & Chill On The Emmys Red Carpet (BuzzFeed)
                                I feel Jackie Cruz on a spiritual level on this one.

Netflix Study Shows How Long It Takes To Get Hooked By A TV Show (Slash Film): I found this super interesting, because some shows it takes me an episode to get hooked (House of Cards) and others take me almost a full season (Arrow).

Tune in this week for my Scorch Trials review and The October Slate!


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The Fall TV season is starting up and every year there are always tons of shows I want to catch. This week I watched three new pilots: Scream Queens, Minority Report, and Limitless. 

Here are my non-spoilery thoughts on this new trio!

Scream Queens
I was initially drawn to Scream Queens because of Ryan Murphy and the ensemble cast. I'm not huge on campy films and series, but after watching the pilot, I'm all in for Scream Queens. Emma Roberts' was born to play Chanel and the vindictiveness of her character juxtaposed with the violence of the show is so scary it's remarkable. Additionally, I really appreciate how Lea Michele's character is the polar opposite of her public persona. It's refreshing, actually. From the hilarious Twilight reference to the steamy Nick Jonas working out scenes, I am here for what Scream Queens is putting out there and I highly recommend it if you like your camp with a side of well-dressed snark.

Scream Queens airs Tuesdays at 9pm EST on FOX.

Minority Report
As a huge fan of the Steven Spielberg film by the same name, I was thrilled about this series from that moment that it was announced. After watching the pilot, you could definitely say that I'm not overly happy with it, but I'll still tune in for more in hopes that it improves. Pilots are tough and for some of my favorite shows I couldn't stand the pilots (ahem, Arrow). It's heavy sci-fi and, if you aren't familiar with the film, a lot of the references and tools that are used might go right over your head and most of the time that's okay. You can either keep an open mind about the rules of this world and maybe you'll get hooked or you can be hypercritical of all of the pilot's plot-holes. I suggest you join me and go with the former!

Minority Report airs Mondays at 9pm EST on FOX.

Since I watched Limitless' pilot I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. It was the best hour of TV I've watched this week. Jake McDorman, who I've loved in so many projects over the years, really knocks this role out of the park. Plus, he plays guitar and I could watch that for hours alone. The pilot really hooks you into the world of NZT without relying solely on the film that its based on. Even with Bradley Cooper's fantastic cameo, it never feels like he's just there to grab the audience's attention; Bradley properly transitions us into this world to ride out this journey with Jake. There's a line in the episode about being able to remember the great ideas that you had in the shower and then subsequently forgot about...basically, I need this in my life as much as I need another episode immediately. Like, right now. I'm serious. This is a must watch!

Limitless airs Tuesdays at 10pm on CBS.

What shows have you hooked this Fall? Let me know in the comments!


Happy Sunday! Did you check out Scorch Trials this weekend? If not, what are you waiting for?!

Let's get to this week's Picks and Flicks!

Ellie Goulding - On My Mind (YouTube): This is a red alert: Ellie Goulding has a new single and I am so here for it. Seriously, I listened to it for three hours straight on Friday while working.

Watch 'Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials' Cast Play 'Save or Kill' (Collider): Absolutely love these segments and this cast has the best chemistry aka this is a must-watch!

The 5th Wave trailer

I'm definitely into sci-fi and this latest YA adaptation is right up my alley, especially since it's headed up by the talented and effortlessly cool, Chloe Grace Moretz.

Types Of Coworkers That Are The Absolute Worst (Whine About It): "We're all just trying to turn hard work into chicken nuggets." PREACH IT, MATT!

Wes Ball Returning To Direct Third Maze Runner (Variety): Sometimes consistency and a clear, passionate vision is what some franchises need and I'm so excited that Wes and his screenwriter T.S. Nowlin are teaming up again to close out the series. My brain will be excited for the continuity.

Tune in this week for my long-awaited House of Cards review (I mean it this time, guys!) and some much-needed Scorch Trials flails!

Happy Sunday!

It's been a busy week for me. New script reading job in addition to the usual schedule, so I've been overloaded to say the least. This means that my House of Cards review will be up this week instead (Spoiler alert: just watch it already!).

Let's get to this week's Picks and Flicks!

Kristen Stewart / Nicholas Hoult Dubsmash it up with MTV's Josh Horowitz (Instagram): Dubsmash is this new revelation for me, that I have yet to try, but damn if it doesn't provide so many laughs scrolling through my Instagram feed.

The Program trailer
                                 It's hard to believe that, with how realistic this film looks, this isn't actually Lance Armstrong. Looks amazing and I cannot wait.

The Mindy Project Season 4 trailer (Hulu): Mindy's back and I am beyond jazzed. Tuesday can't come soon enough!

A Harry Potter-Themed Bar Just Opened And You Have To Pay Your Respects (BuzzFeed): A perfect blend of geek and hipster chic (yes, I actually just typed those words...).

Mystery Pizza Box: Gospel Choir & Rave (YouTube)
                           When I watched this I was laughing so hard that I was asked if I was okay because they could hear screaming. So, good sign?

Scandal Season 5 Trailer (Hypable): The season four finale of Scandal tied the show up in a perfect world bow for me, so I'm psyched to see how it all falls apart in the next season. Until then, there's enough Fitz and Olivia chemistry to power up all of D.C.

Tune in next week for more Picks and Flicks!

P.S. Go see Scorch Trials on Friday and tell me what you think! My review will be up sometime during the weekend after I've sufficiently flailed.

Happy Sunday!

Let's get to this week's Picks and Flicks!

Calvin Harris & Disciples - How Deep Is Your Love (YouTube): Calvin Harris can do no wrong. Also, Gigi Hadid has amazing hair.

See Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult suffer in silence in Equals clip (EW): After all of the Venice buzz and my general excitement for this project, I am speechless after watching this clip...which is appropriate given the material.

Unqualified Dating Advice: Alison Brie (Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon)

Just wait until she gets to her advice about farting. In related news, I love Alison Brie.

Happy Loop Day (20th Century Fox): First official promotion for Miss Peregrines is so on point.

iZombie : State of the Dead trailer (The CW)
                 iZombie SEASON TWO IS COMING! Mark your calendars: October 6th!

This Is What Happened When People Were Rated On Their Success By Loved Ones (BuzzFeed): I cried when watching this. You are worth more than you give yourself credit for.

Tune in this week for my series (so far) review of House of Cards!

Happy September!

Let's get to this month's picks!

September 4th: Chloe & Theo
                                  I love the different approach to the topic of climate change and hopefully this film, and the remarkable Dakota Johnson's presence in it, will draw more attention to the cause in productive ways.

September 11th: Sleeping With Other People
                                  A fun relationship and sex comedy with a killer ensemble cast? You can count me in.

September 13th: Project Greenlight (HBO)
                                 I will be watching this show with popcorn like the film geek that I am.

September 15th: The Mindy Project (Hulu)
Super excited to see what changes come to the show with the move to Hulu. Also, I need more Mindy in my life. Always.

September 18th: Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
                                  My number one pick of the month (I know, no shockers there!) and for many good reasons! I am so stoked to see what Wes Ball brings to the table this time around. Nothing short of epic, no doubt!.

September 18th: Black Mass
                                Being from Boston, I'm definitely more inclined to be intrigued by the storyline, but this cast is phenomenal so that's reason enough.

September 21st: Minority Report (CBS)
                                    I am a huge Minority Report fan and with this series being a continuation of the film, you can bet I'll be watching weekly.

September 22nd: Limitless (FOX)
                                 More screen-time for my favorite Jake McDorman? Yes, please. Also, this looks like it could really be something great.

September 24th: How To Get Away With Murder (ABC)
With an incredible first season, I'm curious to see how the series evolves in creative ways in season two.

September 25th: The Intern
                                  Watching The Intern trailer makes me smile: the premise, the cast, etc. It's my kind of funny and heartfelt movie.

September 25th: 99 Homes
                                 I am so ready for Andrew Garfield to break my heart and (hopefully) put it back together again.

September 27th: Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX)
If you aren't already watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, what are you waiting for? No, seriously The Captain doesn't like tardiness. It's unprofessional.

What are your September picks? Hit me with them in the comments!