As a huge fan of TFIOS and the general euphoria surrounding all things John Green, I went to see Paper Towns on opening day.

Paper Towns follows Q's borderline obsession with Margo since she moved in across the street from him when they were kids. They immediately became friends and were the best of such until her outgoing tendencies pushed her farther and farther away from Q until they no longer acknowledged each other. All's quiet on the Margo front until one night when she knocks on Q's window. She has nine things she needs to do and he's going to be her getaway driver. The next morning, Margo's nowhere to be found...until Q starts tracing the clue's she's left behind.

I don't have a strong connection to Paper Towns at face value. I haven't read the book yet (on my super long to-be-read list) and I knew nothing more about the story than what I saw in the trailer before my viewing. I'm glad that that was the case. I was surprised by the outcome in such brilliant ways. All of the character arcs are well executed, only leaving me wanting more screentime for every single one.

Q is a super reserved and play-by-the-rules type of high school senior. I really connect to his strict sense of self, not allowing himself to go outside the lines because of the anxiety of what consequences will follow. Juxtaposed with Margo's unrestrained sense of the world being her playground full of possibilities, you crave more adventurous Margo. You also want Margo's rebellious nature to rub off on Q (I mean, live a little, kid!). Margo may talk a lot of nonsense, thinking she knows more about life than she actually does, but she's right about one thing for certain: everything that Q wants in life is outside of his comfort zone. Live a life outside the boundaries that you've set for yourself and who knows what might happen.

Paper Towns lives within its brilliant cast and characters. I can easily see why John Green thought that Nat Wolff was perfect to play Q and all of his insecurities. Q's best friends Ben, Radar, Lacey, and Angela light up the film with their fantastic chemistry. I wanted them all (especially smart and quietly hysterical Radar) in every scene. Road tripping with this cast of characters, who's in?!

The biggest surprise for me (apart from that fantastically absurd cameo) was Cara Delevingne as Margo. I am familiar with Cara only from her modeling work and her eccentrically authentic social media persona. While lots of people were skeptical I truly tried to keep an open mind with her and I was so impressed with what I saw. Cara has this mystery about her, like that of Margo, where you immediately want to ask her everything about her life, but you know you'll only get vague non-answers. You want to see more of her onscreen to learn the facets of what makes her tick. The representation of Margo from Cara who's seen by millions of people and their differing visions of her in their heads: she is every one and none of their thoughts. She's not your Manic Pixie Dream Girl. She's just a girl and Cara brought such a power to that.

If you're questioning whether or not to check out Paper Towns in theaters my advice is to watch the trailer. Did you love the trailer? Then go check it out! If Nat and Cara aren't enough to sway you, then maybe wait until home release and watch it on DVD. Either way, it's a film you'll want to have in your library.

Paper Towns is a modern day version of a classic John Hughes high school film. With spot-on music, it's sweet and fun tone, and reflection of the self, I'll definitely be re-watching for years to come. The end of this film is one of the most satisfying I've seen this year. Plus, what's a teen movie without an epic slow-motion prom scene? Teach me your smooth moves, Nat Wolff!


P.S. Tune in on Saturday for my August Slate! It's going to be....smoking hot!
Happy Sunday!

Let's get to this week's Picks and Flicks!

Take a Break: Pink's Hotdogs (The Late Late Show with James Corden): James Corden's Take a Break segment is one of my favorites in late night TV. It's hysterical and is actually doing something good for others...but it's mainly hysterical. I highly recommend watching all of this series on his YouTube channel!

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials trailer
                      Clearly, my Maze Runner love is endless, and seeing this new trailer on the big screen in front of Paper Towns this weekend was stellar! Is it September yet?!

A Running Magazine Put A Plus-Size Model On Its Cover And People Are Into It (BuzzFeed): This is such a huge step forward in breaking the stereotypical ideas of what a runner truly is. I've run off and on for the past few years, and within the last six months it's really become a passion of mine. I definitely do not fit the 'typical runner's body' and that's perfectly okay.

SPECTRE trailer

I am here for absolutely everything about this. Daniel Craig as James Bond is one of my all-time favorite castings.

When a Magazine Only Wants You If You're Willing to Pose Nude (Jezebel): This is a must-read--Reign actress Caitlin Stasey details the story of a magazine spread gone horribly wrong all because she didn't want to pose nude for the shoot (it didn't fit the heart of the interview). Big ups for her to speak on this in such a public way.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 trailer
I'm not even going to lie, I teared up watching this trailer for the first time. This is my life and yeah, I love this series more than words. I'm going to be sad for its ending, but I am so excited to see the epic conclusion.

It's Sunday and you need a Netflix rec! Check out Netflix's original series Sense8!

Tune in next week for more Picks and Flicks!


P.S. Stay tuned for my Paper Towns review up on the blog on Wednesday!
Sense8: get ready for your next weirdly amazing binge-watch.

Sense8 is weird. I'm not going to lie to you, but I love weird. I love how something as complicated and intense as this series can emotionally rip me to shreds and yet I'll still hit the next episode the first chance I get.

When trying to explain Sense8 to the uninitiated you run a serious risk of spoiling the magic of the show, or diminishing it's vastness, because it's such an 'out there' premise. But here's the jist: eight strangers become mentally linked and gradually work together for group survival.

It's an intimate series. Not only in the typical Netflix series sense of there being many graphic sex scenes (seriously, if those are not your cup of tea then maybe you'll want to fast-forward in a few parts...), but also in the sense that these characters are unintentionally (in the beginning) exploring the lives and minds of the other linked characters. Without spoiling anything, it can get intimate quickly.

What a fantastic group of characters and actors this show has put together. Originating from eight entirely different regions of the world these fascinating characters slowly intertwine their lives while still remaining in their own separate regions. Forming bonds specifically through their mental connections.

One of my favorite things about the series is how stylized it is. When a certain musical riff comes on you know that these characters are about to kick some serious ass. When the scenes are shot a certain way and in a particular lighting scheme, you know that they're exploring each other's worlds. The film language of these episodes is phenomenal.

Trust me on this one, you do not want to miss out or wait to watch Sense8. Fingers crossed for Season 2!

What a scorcher of a weekend it's been!

Let's get to this week's Picks and Flicks!

Digging for Fire trailer
I'm a huge fan of Joe Swanberg's films. They're so indie-centric in all of the best ways. With amazing casts, unique stories, and killer soundtracks, Swanberg's work has me coming back again and again.

OITNB's Danielle Brooks New Hashtag Campaign Embraces All Shapes (BuzzFeed): Body positivity movements, especially coming from one of the best people, are my favorite things.

Daniel Radcliffe Was Our Receptionist For An Hour (Nylon Magazine): Daniel Radcliffe is the biggest, charming gem and if you don't already think that, you won't have a doubt about him after watching this.

Joy teaser trailer
Absolutely psyched for this. It looks phenomenal and a relief, because, like some of you, when the film was announced, synopsis and all, it didn't seem like much. Definitely one of those times I'm glad to be wrong!

Celebs Take the Geeks & Poseurs Test (MTV): One of my favorite parts of Comic-Con every year and this year lives up to the hype! Just watch it. You will laugh.

Lena Dunham is Launching A Newsletter For Young Women (BuzzFeed): This is such a step in the right direction and I cannot wait for Lenny to start filling my inbox.

Tune in next time for more Picks and Flicks!


P.S. Stick around for my gushing review of Sense8 on Wednesday!
I watch a lot of TV. When I say a lot of TV I mean that I'm the girl who is constantly recommending shows to anyone who will listen to me ramble on and on about my latest favorite. This brings me to the latest favorite binge-watch: Fringe.

I was a first-airing viewer of Fringe for a couple seasons, but then life got in the way and their time-slot changed and it just fell off of my radar. Looking back on it now it's both a good and a bad thing. I'm a serial binge-watcher and enjoy watching most shows that way more, because I need it all now. The only bad thing about waiting was that I didn't know the brilliance I was missing until I finished the series for the first time this week on Netflix.

For the uninitiated, Fringe follows FBI agent, Olivia Dunham, who teams up with institutionalized, Walter Bishop, and his son, Peter Bishop, who's a begrudged caretaker of sorts (initially), to investigate unexplained phenomena. Unexplained phenomena is just about the biggest understatement for some of the insane cases on the show, but you'll see what I mean for yourself!

Fringe takes place in Boston, so obviously I'm more inclined to love it than just your average show (even though it clearly wasn't filmed on location). Hearing all of these New England and New York based cities on a TV series is both odd and welcoming to me, personally.

One of the things I love most about Fringe is that it is clearly a sci-fi and unexplainable phenomena--explained series. Sometimes science and technical based shows like this can be a real turnoff because their language is so inaccessible. But that's not the case here at all. Fringe never talks down to the viewer, but rather clues you into what's going on...or what they think is going on. Olivia's character truly helps a lot with this accessibility as she doesn't know the scientific background for any of this stuff either. She is the average viewer and watching her and FBI agent/lab assistant Astrid deal with Walter's scientific eccentricity is one of my favorite things.

Throughout the series, Fringe always comes back to the concept of family. Who is your family? What would you do for them? How will you stick together? The changing notion of what is family, who do you choose to be your family, and living with the family you're born with are interesting ideas that pretty much never cease on the drama front. Peter is the reluctant son, but he has his reasons. Legitimate reasons. Throughout it all, Peter and Walter never stop trying to make it work even when it gets rather mind-bendingly complicated in the later seasons.

The best thing about binge-watching Fringe was the fact that the ending was absolutely, stunningly perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better, more appropriately heart-pounding (and heart-wrenching, to be honest) ending to the series. Even after a hundred episodes (yay, syndication qualification!), Fringe still managed to make me want more and to immediately watch it over again. Speaking of...

Let me know in the comments your thoughts on Fringe and/or your favorite series to binge-watch. If you haven't watched Fringe yet, what are you waiting for?!


Happy Sunday!

Let's get to it this week's Comic Con-centric Picks and Flicks!

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Nerd HQ Panel (The Nerd Machine): I love this cast. They genuinely care about the project and each other, and it truly shows. Watch this for a hysterical cast interview with loads of interesting tidbits on making Scorch Trials come to life. (Also, take a shot every time someone does a mic-drop...)

Nerd HQ 2015: Bryan Cranston- Mic-Drop (Supermansion Panel Clip)
                               Speaking of mic-drops, Bryan Cranston makes the ultimate one here on a fan at Nerd HQ. I am still laughing over this.

Rob Thomas, Veronica Mars Eye Possible Limited Series Revival (TVLine): While it's probably far off since Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell are both busy with their respective TV shows, it's a dream to potentially get more VMars.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer
                                 I am always fascinated when Rick's group finds a new home-base...because we all know it won't last. Also, I know you are so far past caring about being bloody, Rick, but you massacre a guy, you might want to go for a quick cleanup afterwards. Just a thought.

This Stormtrooper Walked Over 500 Miles to Comic Con To Honor His Late Wife (BuzzFeed): This story about a husband honoring his late wife is just the thing to break my heart and put it right back together again.

First Look at the Sherlock Special

MORE SHERLOCK IS COMING! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! This new installment (that's also going to be in limited release in theaters!) features an epic time warp for Sherlock and Watson and I cannot wait to see what mysteries they solve this go around.

Jennifer Lawrence To Star In Love Story 'Rosie Project' (THR): I am very excited for this adaptation. Whenever my favorite actors get involved with a Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber project, the anticipation level juts up tremendously. Bring it!

Tune in next week for more Picks and Flicks!


P.S. What's been your favorite tid-bits to come out of Comic Con this year? Let me know in the comments!
Happy Fourth of July weekend!

In super cool news, check out my first BuzzFeed Community post: 22 Stages Of Attempting To Avoid Spoilers. It'll make you laugh if I did it right!

Let's get to some post-cookout Picks and Flicks!

Watch the TERMINATOR GENISYS Cast and Filmmakers Play “Save or Kill” (Collider): Collider is one of my favorite industry websites. Loving Frosty's new 'Save or Kill' segment. This cast clearly does too!

Staten Island Summer
                                 This film has flown under the radar for me, but I love it when the SNL cast gets together and creates something hysterical. You can tell just based on the trailer that this was a blast to film.

Whine About It: The Worst Types of People on Instagram (Matt Bellassai): Matt kills me weekly with Whine About It, but this week's was next level.

Flipping the Bird - Supercut: I am fascinated by mashups like this and while watching it two things came to mind: 1) Emma Roberts sure flips people off a lot in her movies and 2) there are so many epic flipping the bird moments in my favorite films.

Channing Tatum Busts 7 Dance Moves in 30 Seconds (Vanity Fair): Channing Tatum is SUCH a gem who's game for anything.

                                 I am super excited to see more Michael B. Jordan onscreen and will be there opening weekend for this powerhouse!

Don't miss my latest, The July Slate, for everything happening this month that I think is awesome!

Tune in next week for more Picks and Flicks!

Happy July!

Let's get to it!

July 1st: Magic Mike XXL
                                 I I really need to explain myself on this one?

July 9th - 12th: San Diego International Comic-Con

The ultimate fan experience. I am determined to one day get tickets and have the best weekend in San Diego ever, but until then I'll be glued to my computer freaking out over every panel.

July 17th: Ant-Man
                            I'm a huge Marvel Studios fan and Paul Rudd just adds to this package.

July 17th: Trainwreck

I have a newfound love for Amy Schumer and Trainwreck looks hysterical. Love the premise and Bill Hader is my type of leading man.

July 17th: Wet Hot American Summer on Netflix
                                 I wasn't a viewer of the original film until recently, but seeing these actors all together is bound to be amazing.

July 21st: Pretending to be Erica by Michelle Painchaud
Super intriguing premise that I'm psyched to get lost in!

July 24th: Paper Towns
                                There are those films that bring a smile to my face even with just a trailer; this is one of those films. I love everything about this: John Green, Cara and Nat, two of my favorite screenwriters (Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber)...basically, this is my number one pick for July.

July 29th: Vacation
                                Well, wouldn't you know it! Nostalgia and hijinks are two of my favorite things. Plus, Ed Helms is the best.

July 31st: Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
                                One of my not-so-guilty pleasures. Love the seamless blend of action and comedy brought by Cruise's new team introduced in the last film.

July 31st: The End of Tour

I've mentioned before how much I love Jesse Eisenberg's work and I'll be checking this out for sure.

What are your July picks? Hit me with them in the comments!