Hey, guys! It's time for round two of Picks and Flicks!

Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak's Massive-Book-Deal-Worthy Relationship: A Timeline: Mindy and B.J.'s friendship is epic. Don't fight me on this. Even Vulture agrees!

Whine Wednesdays with Matt Bellassai: One of my favorite Twitter personalities/winners/humans, Matt Bellassai's latest weekly video series, Whine Wednesday, where he drinks a whole bottle of wine and bitches (preaches all the truths, let's be real) about life, is everything I never knew I needed. Matt's level of sass is the best way to get through those mid-week woes, so add it to your calendar, follow him on social media, and revel in the hilarity.

The End of Tour trailer:

James Ponsoldt came on my radar with one of my all-time favorite films, The Spectacular Now, and since then he's become one the directors I follow from project-to-project, so it's no surprise that I'm interested in The End of Tour. It looks like a fascinating duo-character study featuring one of my favorite actors, Jesse Eisenberg. I highly admire his ability to weave in and out of genres with ease. Plus, he's just my kind of person.

Comedy Actress A-List in Raunchy, R-Rated Roundtable: This amazing interview, featuring Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer, Gina Rodriguez, Ellie Kemper, Kate McKinnon, and Tracee Ellis Ross, touches on anything and everything. What's great about it, besides bringing so many of my favorite comedy actresses together, is that the group's rapport feels like they're all fast-friends who truly care about the state of female treatment in the entertainment industry.

American Ultra Red Band trailer:

...as I said, I really like Jesse Eisenberg. Jesse and Kristen Stewart teaming up again after Greg Mottola's stellar Adventureland is what dreams are made of. Well, a trippy, action-brimming, hysterical dream. This trailer is cut so fantastically with David Guetta and Nicki Minaj's "Hey Mama" fitting the beats seamlessly. Cannot wait to see what shit these two stoners get into!

Tune in next weekend for more Picks and Flicks!

Going into a movie with your own expectations can be an uplifting and intensely exciting thing. But when you go into a viewing with the heavy load of other's not-so-positive reactions...it can get tiring and super discouraging.

I saw The Avengers: Age of Ultron today.

I feel like I'm more of a casual Marvel fan. I'm not super obsessed with the universe as a whole, but that doesn't mean I don't love the characters. Especially when they all interact together. (Seriously, the cast's chemistry is SO top notch.) I've seen all of the Marvel slate so far, with Guardians of the Galaxy being my current favorite. 

I read a lot of film reviews. I have my favorite critics (DrewAtHitFix is my current #1). I love reading the passion and depth to which these reviewers go to so eloquently in their reviews. Plus, there's always the typical Twitter reactions, so it's rare for me to go into a film without generally knowing what the media thinks of the work.

The reaction to Age of Ultron was on another level, though. Part of that due to the fact that Marvel movies tend to increase in hype as the phases go on. The Avengers are reassembled. Age of Ultron's a sequel to The Avengers, a film that even caught me by surprise with how much I loved it. It's actually the installment that sold me on the Marvel universe as a whole.

With all of everyone's hyper critical opinions floating around in my head, I watched Age of Ultron a month after it was released. And I feel as if I watched a different movie than the majority of the world.

I loved seeing my favorite characters not only team up again, but get more screentime, detail more backstory, and ultimately move the universe forward in great ways. I laughed, I (internally) cheered, I cried (I MEAN, CMON I REALLY LIKED THAT CHARACTER!).

I didn't experience the disdain and disappointment that a lot of reviewers did. The jokes didn't fall flat. It wasn't too much. With that said, only with Marvel would some of the storyline makes sense, but isn't that the beauty of Universe that they've created? Limits are endless in such brilliant ways.

Joss Whedon did a brilliant job juggling all of the characters. And even though it nearly broke him, I'm glad he managed to finish his work, because ultimately I enjoyed what I saw onscreen. I can't wait to see more of the Marvel Universe. And isn't that the goal? To make you feel in correspondingly appropriate ways and to want more?

It's damn near impossible to go into a film with no expectations, and that's okay. It's great in fact, especially if you're surprised by how much something touches you. It's our expectations that showcase the uniqueness of our likes and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Next time you walk into a theater with expectations and opinions whirling through your head, sit down, breathe, take a bite of whatever overpriced food you purchased (or if you're smart like me, bring in Panera with you), and give what you're about to see a chance. You never know when you might leave charmed out of your wits.

Talk to me in the comments about your thoughts on film critics, public consensus, or what film you've seen lately that you were surprised about!

Introducing my weekly segment: Picks and Flicks!

Picks and Flicks will post every weekend detailing the highlights of my week in all things entertainment and life...so basically, this is the cool kids list.

My special edition this week is all about trailers. I'm a trailer fanatic. I know what you're thinking. Shocking, right? Here are the latest ones I can't stop obsessing over.


Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
Now I may run a Maze Runner blog, so I'm a bit biased BUT this trailer looks epic from start to finish. The first film was gritty and a test for all anxiety-meds everywhere, but Scorch Trials looks like such a huge movie in all of the best ways. More world-building, my favorite characters will (hopefully) get more screentime, The Scorch. Plus, there's a scene with Dylan O'Brien in the shower. Ya know, if you're into that sort of thing.

We Are Your Friends
Not so little known fact: I'm huge into EDM. Add in some Zac Efron and Wes Bentley? You've sold me just based on the premise. This trailer is cut perfectly with the aesthetic of the narrative and I'm psyched to see how the finished product turns out. Also, Zac don't use a pen on the freaking SATs! Are you CRAZY?!

Me And Earl And The Dying Girl
The hype for this film is so high. I love the spirit and flare of Earl. Excitedly, the color palette in the trailers reminds me heavily of Wes Anderson's aesthetic, which is a massive win in my book! Clearly, it's going to break me in two, but I have a feeling it'll be worth it. Also, Nick Offerman and Connie Britton? I'm in!

CBS's Limitless series
I've been a Jake McDorman fan since Greek and was passionate about Manhattan Love Story (and it's subsequent cancellation), so it was clear Limitless was bound to be on my radar. A pill that solves all of your issues, puts everything in focus, and enhances your physical and cognitive abilities? Color me intrigued. Add in the fact that it's an adaptation/continuation of the stellar film starring Bradley Cooper and you know I'm game!

Tune in next week for more Picks and Flicks!


P.S. Any trailers you just can't stop hitting replay on lately? Let me know in the comments!
When I saw Pitch Perfect in theaters for the first time, I wasn't expecting much. I certainly wasn't prepared to immediately want to see it again...and again in theaters! Three years later, my BluRay copy gets played at least once a month with the soundtrack always present on my latest playlists.

Since I'm catching Pitch Perfect 2 tomorrow, today was rewatch day, so I wanted to recap my favorite moments of the first that made me fall in love with it.

Strap in for a long note!

Beca and Jesse's first meeting. It's ridiculous that five seconds after seeing Jesse I am already in love, but here we are. Beca's smirk says it all.

The Treblemakers.  There are no words...

...other than: Bumper.

Fat Amy. A new national treasure is born in Rebel Wilson. #MermaidDancing

Beca and her cup. Anna Kendrick with a chart-topping hit and killer music video? Double check!

Fat Amy and Bumper. Never gets old...only get's spicier.

Beca's toner. Can you blame a girl, though? It's Jesse we're talking about here!

Record play. Speaking of Jesse...

Juice pouches and Rocky. What more could a girl want?

Jesse and The Breakfast Club. "I wanna watch you watch The Breakfast Club..." My reaction:

Right Round. Cant. Deal.

Fat Amy slaying all. Always makes me scream.

Bromance is strong. Must. Dance. Now.

Fat Amy preaching the truth. Get it, girl.

Jesse's recognition. His face is everything here.

Badass Bellas. Slay...

...Jesse's clearly feeling it.


Credits that make you want to dance...on back into the theater.

Clearly, I am so ready to catch Pitch Perfect 2 and obsess over every single frame of it, as all sane people do.

Pitch Perfect fanatic like myself? Caught the sequel yet? Just need somewhere to talk all things aca? Sound off in the comments and tell me your PP stories!

We've all been there. You're having an off day and/or week. Things just aren't how they should be. This used to be my daily life. Then one day it all just clicked.

I wanted to share some of my keys to my positive (yet realistic) outlook on life. Some are longterm ideals while others are quick mood fixes, because we all have bad days!

Ready? Okay, let's get to it!

Surround yourself with good people. This may seem obvious, but until you take a step back and look at your close circle, you may not see what's right in front of you. The people closest to you tend to have the greatest influences on your well-being, so locate the rays of light and keep them near.

Exercise and eat well. Ah, yes. The good old cliched 'exercise and healthy food will make you feel better' mumbo jumbo. But, really. It is TRUE! When you're feeling off, endorphins are key and without junk food weighing you down (yes, I love fries too, but moderation!) your body and mind alike will feel the difference. The strength you're building will make you feel beyond powerful. But babysteps...

Harness your power. Whether in your work or personal life (or maybe a bit of both!), it's key to our egos to feel powerful and successful, especially in times of stress or unease. Reading one of my new favorite sites, Wild Woman Speaks, helps me take a metaphorical chill pill, figure out the core of the issue, accept that there are some things I cannot change, and move forward. Harping on things doesn't benefit anyone. Discovering my power and true nature have been critical for me. You do you!

Create your own mantra. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate. Just something to say/think in times of anxiety to pick yourself up and know that you can do it. Because you can!

Drown in your favorite things. Watch your favorite film. Do that Veronica Mars rewatch you've been wanting to do for ages. Delve into your favorite literary worlds (although, maybe try to avoid the super angsty ones). Do what soothes your soul and revel in it.

Make your own get-psyched playlist. Barney Stinson may have been wrong about a lot of things (read: most), but his get-psyched mixes got the job done! What songs make you want to dance? Make you feel free and alive? Mash all of your favorites up and hit play! Here's a playlist of my current go-tos when I just want to dance and let it all out:

Positivity and optimism do not become who you are overnight, but weaving them into your everyday life will promote positive change towards who you truly want to be.

What are some ways you keep yourself positive, nourished, and fulfilled? Let me know in the comments!

When it was announced a couple months ago that there was a Minority Report TV series in the works at FOX, I freaked.

And when I say that I freaked I mean, I flailed to everyone I knew...and was met with near-silence and blank stares. Minority Report is by far my favorite Spielberg film and it is vastly underrated. For the uninitiated (what are you waiting for?!), check out the trailer for the original film.

Tom Cruise in his prime, Colin Farrell being Colin Farrell, a dystopian world wrapped up in a utopian bow? WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT?! Oh, did I mention how it makes me not want to touch my eyes for a week after viewing (that bathtub scene!). It's the BEST.

Since the series recently got a full season pickup, a trailer premiered today and my keysmashing excitement can be heard worldwide.

One of the best things about this TV series is that it's actually continuing the story from the film. This isn't an origins story. It's the sequel I didn't know I needed! Thirteen years later, I'm still amazed at how well the film holds up over time. The beauty of it is how I know every beat of the story, yet I'm consistently on the edge of my seat. Will they survive? What will happen to the Precogs? Will Tom Cruise's character be reunited with his family? I have no doubt that the series will keep up the same momentum. Spielberg wouldn't have executive produced it otherwise!

Clearly, I am psyched for the series. I cannot wait to see where these new and reinvented characters go in this heart-pounding world. But most importantly, will we find out what the true purpose of the screen gloves are?! Tune in with me this Fall to find out (hopefully!).


P.S. If you love Minority Report as much as I do (or at this point have heard it), let's fangirl together! Are you looking forward to the series? Let me know in the comments!

It's a common thought that happiness is as simple as a cup of coffee and a good book. Switch out the coffee for iced tea, add in film and television along with the books (how could I ever only pick one?!) and you've got me down pat.


First and foremost I'm a viewer. It's rare to catch me without some sort of electronic device in my hand. What can I say? I need to know everything about the entertainment industry right now. From discovering the latest guest star on The Mindy Project to (im)patiently waiting to find out if Daft Punk's scoring the new TRON film (which is crucial to my well-being), this industry is my life. It's my obsession. It's my future.

But I'm also an avid reader, a runner with a severe case of wanderlust, a popcorn enthusiast (seriously, food goals), and I have this rare condition of being in too many fandoms at once...well, too many for other people to process. I'm truly a lover of life and all that it entails, and for me life revolves around running, healthy food, books, film, and television.

So, join me on this wonderful ride I call my life and let's see where it takes me. I, for one, cannot wait to see what's next!