Earth Day: Eco-Friendly Tips

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Anyone who knows me is well versed in how much I'm a stickler for all things eco-friendly. Making your life more environmentally friendly can definitely seem overwhelming, but I'm here to make your life least I like to think so. Here are my quick and simple tips to making a difference for our beautiful planet.

Recycling bags are my saviors. Not only do I use them at the stores, but most are highly functional bags in their own right. Skip the plastic and gravitate towards the reusable bags. Pro-tip: if you go to any sort of convention, vendors always have loads of free ones on their tables, so I highly recommend taking advantage! It's a money and planet saver; win-win!

Donating you old clothes can seem like a drag (yes, my closet is just as packed and messy as yours), but not only will you be donating clothes to those who could rock them as new, you're also freeing your room of unnecessary items. 

Buy in bulk: a story as to why Costco/BJs is your new best friend. Not only is it a money saver (most of the time), it'll also help you reduce the amount of product packaging you're using daily.

Reusable bottles are cute, environmentally friendly, and will save you a hell of a lot of money on water bottles. When I say that I drink a lot of water, I mean that I drink it constantly. Last year, I reached a point where I was disgusted with how many water bottles I was going through (not to mention the cost), so I broke out my trusty Brita pitcher and haven't used a plastic water bottle since. Either utilizing your fridge's water dispenser or buying a long-lasting water filter pitcher will save you countless bottles in the long run.

Use your leftovers in other meals. Few things drive me crazier than food wastefulness. Seeing others throw out food that could've been eaten if proper food planning was implemented is sad. It's easy to make a larger component and repurpose it into other meals during the week. Chicken is my go-to here.

Recycle recycle recycle. Chances are that if you're questioning if something's recyclable it is. Things like batteries, phones, body wash tubes can all be recycled properly. It takes a simple Google search to find places that will take your odd items and break them down to be used again, if they're not taken in your local recycling systems.

Let me know in the comments your favorite eco-friendly tips!



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