Picks and Flicks

Strap in for a super-sized Picks and Flicks!

Ron Swanson's clearly ready. Are you?

Everything You Thought You Knew About L-O-V-E Is Wrong by Aziz Ansari (Time Magazine): In theme with his new book, Modern Romance, Aziz talks all about love and how we acquire it in the modern age. Aziz's writing is intelligent yet accessible, filled with all of the Aziz swagger we all know and love.

99 Homes trailer

Looks like powerhouse performances all around and I can't wait to see Andrew Garfield continue to break all expectations. Such a talent.

Parks and Recreation Blooper Reel: This is a must see. Just wait until they act like elderly people...

Wes Anderson's The Shining

Talk about a heck of a Grand Budapest Hotel / The Shining mashup!

Gilmore Girls Reunion at ATXFestival: I miss Gilmore Girls so much. If you haven't watched it yet, what are you waiting for?! Hit up Netflix and then let's flail.

Z For Zachariah trailer

Not only does this immediately hook me from the premise, it's got a fantastic cast with such brilliantly eery cinematography. You can count on me opening weekend!

Letter from Lauren: June Shape Up: Lauren Conrad's stellar approach to changing how her website promotes healthy living and the terms used to talk about it is all about body posiitvity and doing what works for you rather than the group. I love this on so many levels.

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