The October Slate

Happy October!

Let's get to this month's picks!

October 6th: iZombie Season 2 Premiere
                                iZombie is by far one of my favorite TV shows and I highly suggest you check it out! If you've been a fan of Party Down and/or Veronica Mars the guest stars will be extra special.

October 6th: Carry On by Rainbow Rowell
I am beaming over this one, guys. This is a spinoff, of sorts, from Fangirl. It's a magical world, literally.

October 7th: Arrow Season 4 Premiere
                                This season looks epic and I'm so excited to see more Speedy, Felicity, and kickass fight scenes.

October 9th: The Final Girls
                               Campy fun with a hysterical cast. What more could you ask for? Also, psyched to see Nina Dobrev in more films!

October 9th: Reign Season 3 Premiere
                               More angst for Francis and Mary is just what I've been waiting for all summer. I've missed Adelaide's powerful presence onscreen.

October 11th: The Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere
                               Who's ready to see Rick slip further and further into his insanity?

October 19: Jane The Virgin Season 2 Premiere
                                Jane's first season was a sweet, heartfelt origin and I can't wait to follow this story again.

October 16th: Crimson Peak
                             Fantastic cast + Guillermo Del Toro + A freaky house = A movie that will scare me shitless.

October 16th: Room
                               Brie Larson brings a powerhouse performance in a haunting drama.

October 23: Burnt
                                Bradley as a struggling chef is what dreams are made of. Seeing him pair up with Sienna again is going to be amazing.

October 23: Hemlock Grove Season 3 Premiere
                                The third (and sadly, final) season of Hemlock Grove is coming! It's freaky, disgusting, scary, and dramatic as hell, but then Bill Skarsgard lets a little sass coming through and I'm reminded of why I's addictive to say the least.

What are your October picks? Hit me with them in the comments!



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