Binge Watch: House of Cards

Oh, House of Cards. How I love thee!

I was recommended House of Cards countless times by friends, family, the internet. Everyone got obsessed with the show quickly and it became synonymous with Netflix's Original Series' success, but the political setting of the show put me off. I'm definitely not informed or particularly interested in anything to do with politics. I feel like this is a show you definitely have to be in the mood for, as well, which wasn't putting it high on my binge-watching list. But then I finally gave the series a real shot and I knew by the end of the first episode that I've been crazy not to watch it sooner.

Frank Underwood is the most polite-to-your-face maniac I've ever seen. Played hauntingly by the remarkable Kevin Spacey, Frank weaves himself in and out of impossible scenarios with eery ease, while always keeping his end game in reach. Frank's keen strategy and manipulation skills are so unpredictable that I found myself thinking at various points throughout the series' first three seasons, 'how am I this tense over a political drama when I don't even like politics?' It's actually the same approach I had with Breaking Bad. I thought that the concept wasn't for me, until I gave it a chance and became obsessed.

I love how the show has evolved over the seasons as Frank's moved up in the ranks. Pretty much everything on House of Cards revolves around or is at least influenced by the decisions that Frank makes. Each startling move that he makes takes the show in completely unexpected and brilliant places. I feel like the insanity of the moves Frank pursues are sometimes so insane, completely unlike what you think any sane person would do, and then he does them and my mind is repeatedly blown.

The acting is so top notch across the board (hello, the sublime Robin Wright and underrated Kate Mara!), but there's one supporting character that takes top-billing for me: Doug Stamper. Played by the immensely understated Michael Kelly, Doug's overarching character progression throughout the three seasons is remarkable. By the time you finish season three you won't look at him an ounce of the same way you did in the first season. I cannot wait to see where Doug's journey takes him next, because clearly he's learned a thing or two from Frank over the years.

Lastly, the cinematography and direction of the series is so consistent, but brilliantly stunning. From Frank's candid talks with the camera to the subtle but alluring camera tricks (that I don't want to spoil for you all!), it's a beautiful series to watch. So go binge-watch it! Yes, I am another person telling you that you want regret it, but remember I was in your shoes once and, trust me, you'll want to be in mine now.

Have you caught House of Cards yet or are you still unsure about it? Let's talk in the comments!


P.S. Writing this piece while Frank Underwood was glaring at me was seriously messing with my head. Even in a still he looks like he's plotting my takedown!


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