When Pitches are Actually Perfect

When I saw Pitch Perfect in theaters for the first time, I wasn't expecting much. I certainly wasn't prepared to immediately want to see it again...and again in theaters! Three years later, my BluRay copy gets played at least once a month with the soundtrack always present on my latest playlists.

Since I'm catching Pitch Perfect 2 tomorrow, today was rewatch day, so I wanted to recap my favorite moments of the first that made me fall in love with it.

Strap in for a long note!

Beca and Jesse's first meeting. It's ridiculous that five seconds after seeing Jesse I am already in love, but here we are. Beca's smirk says it all.

The Treblemakers.  There are no words...

...other than: Bumper.

Fat Amy. A new national treasure is born in Rebel Wilson. #MermaidDancing

Beca and her cup. Anna Kendrick with a chart-topping hit and killer music video? Double check!

Fat Amy and Bumper. Never gets old...only get's spicier.

Beca's toner. Can you blame a girl, though? It's Jesse we're talking about here!

Record play. Speaking of Jesse...

Juice pouches and Rocky. What more could a girl want?

Jesse and The Breakfast Club. "I wanna watch you watch The Breakfast Club..." My reaction:

Right Round. Cant. Deal.

Fat Amy slaying all. Always makes me scream.

Bromance is strong. Must. Dance. Now.

Fat Amy preaching the truth. Get it, girl.

Jesse's recognition. His face is everything here.

Badass Bellas. Slay...

...Jesse's clearly feeling it.


Credits that make you want to dance...on back into the theater.

Clearly, I am so ready to catch Pitch Perfect 2 and obsess over every single frame of it, as all sane people do.

Pitch Perfect fanatic like myself? Caught the sequel yet? Just need somewhere to talk all things aca? Sound off in the comments and tell me your PP stories!



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