Binge Watch: Sense8

Sense8: get ready for your next weirdly amazing binge-watch.

Sense8 is weird. I'm not going to lie to you, but I love weird. I love how something as complicated and intense as this series can emotionally rip me to shreds and yet I'll still hit the next episode the first chance I get.

When trying to explain Sense8 to the uninitiated you run a serious risk of spoiling the magic of the show, or diminishing it's vastness, because it's such an 'out there' premise. But here's the jist: eight strangers become mentally linked and gradually work together for group survival.

It's an intimate series. Not only in the typical Netflix series sense of there being many graphic sex scenes (seriously, if those are not your cup of tea then maybe you'll want to fast-forward in a few parts...), but also in the sense that these characters are unintentionally (in the beginning) exploring the lives and minds of the other linked characters. Without spoiling anything, it can get intimate quickly.

What a fantastic group of characters and actors this show has put together. Originating from eight entirely different regions of the world these fascinating characters slowly intertwine their lives while still remaining in their own separate regions. Forming bonds specifically through their mental connections.

One of my favorite things about the series is how stylized it is. When a certain musical riff comes on you know that these characters are about to kick some serious ass. When the scenes are shot a certain way and in a particular lighting scheme, you know that they're exploring each other's worlds. The film language of these episodes is phenomenal.

Trust me on this one, you do not want to miss out or wait to watch Sense8. Fingers crossed for Season 2!



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