Picks and Flicks

Happy Fourth of July weekend!

In super cool news, check out my first BuzzFeed Community post: 22 Stages Of Attempting To Avoid Spoilers. It'll make you laugh if I did it right!

Let's get to some post-cookout Picks and Flicks!

Watch the TERMINATOR GENISYS Cast and Filmmakers Play “Save or Kill” (Collider): Collider is one of my favorite industry websites. Loving Frosty's new 'Save or Kill' segment. This cast clearly does too!

Staten Island Summer
                                 This film has flown under the radar for me, but I love it when the SNL cast gets together and creates something hysterical. You can tell just based on the trailer that this was a blast to film.

Whine About It: The Worst Types of People on Instagram (Matt Bellassai): Matt kills me weekly with Whine About It, but this week's was next level.

Flipping the Bird - Supercut: I am fascinated by mashups like this and while watching it two things came to mind: 1) Emma Roberts sure flips people off a lot in her movies and 2) there are so many epic flipping the bird moments in my favorite films.

Channing Tatum Busts 7 Dance Moves in 30 Seconds (Vanity Fair): Channing Tatum is SUCH a gem who's game for anything.

                                 I am super excited to see more Michael B. Jordan onscreen and will be there opening weekend for this powerhouse!

Don't miss my latest, The July Slate, for everything happening this month that I think is awesome!

Tune in next week for more Picks and Flicks!



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