Picks and Flicks

After a day of House of Cards and sunshine, happy Sunday!

Let's get to this week's Picks and Flicks!

Reasons Why Outside is the Worst (Whine About It): While I've become more of an outside person over the past couple of years, THERE ARE BEARS. Also, public bathrooms.

Taylor Swift's 'Wildest Dreams' Music Video
                                From the stunning visuals (those lens flares, though!) to the FREAKING LIONS to the handsome as hell Scott Eastwood, I will be watching this on repeat all week. Really love the Taylor and Joseph Kahn collaborations for her 1989 videos.

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer Are Making the Goofy, Cool-Girl Movie of Your Dreams (Vanity Fair): When two of my current favorite females get together only amazingness will ensue. Also, I love that Jenn is now screenwriting and YAY for female screenwriters! I wonder what her scene descriptions look like...yes, these are the things that I think about.

Ghostbusters love their women (Melissa McCarthy): This tweet is everything I needed this week. #girlpower

Kill Your Friends trailer (YouTube): Nicholas Hoult working in the music industry in a British black comedy? YES PLEASE.

Stay tuned for the September Slate up on Tuesday!



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